How’s your Summer Reading going?

The Library Lions~ Patience and Fortitude want to know…

What are you reading this summer?

…or anytime, for that matter!!

No matter what it is…

Read everyday…  everywhere!

Start your own life-long love of books & great stories at the library!


      Summer Reading

Students entering kindergarten will receive a “fine motor” packet to complete this summer.
Please return this packet to the kindergarten teachers on the first day of school.
Students entering grades 1-8 are invited to participate in a Summer Reading Challenge!
The goal of this challenge is to get your child to read for enjoyment and understanding.
Every student is encouraged to read as much as possible throughout the summer.
Students entering grade 1 will keep a written log of the books they have read.
Students entering grades 2-8 should read at least two AR books and
must complete two AR tests by August 30.
These AR tests must be completed at school once we return for the new year.
The Media Center will not be open for testing this summer.
 Top “summer readers” will be recognized at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.

Happy Reading!

   Don’t wait though, READ anything you can get your hands on.

   Seriously!!   Start reading!!  


You’ll be glad you did!