Reading Free Books Online


  Who doesn’t love to read?

Moreover, who doesn’t love to read for free?!

Here is a great article with a list of top sites, and lots of information where you can download, or read online books for free.

I encourage you to read this article since it’s loaded with good information.

If you are unfamiliar with the process this is for you!

Within this article are more links, to even more information.

You could read for days just on the info alone.


For our younger students…

Our smaller students know all about Storyline Online.

These are awesome little videos of celebrities reading books.

Book content ranges in age from 4 to 7 years old, but older kids love the ‘Easy reading’ books too!

So much fun!!

Here’s the link:


I could watch these all day.

[the kids say that Sarah Silverman reading reminds them of me!  hah!]


Here’s another great article on different free sites for younger students.

There’s more than just books, too.

Check it out:


Speaking of reading….  don’t forget the other websites attached to my Posts, here on the blog.

The National Parks Service, Smithsonian Institute, our National Zoo…  like I said, you could read for days.

Not to mention, having fun with all the webcams!

Yay!!  Spring Break!!  Enjoy!!