Kids helping kids!

Last week two of our students, brothers in fact, came to school with a mission in mind.

Here’s their story as told on St. A. Live.

“Good morning, my name is Logan Neill and this is my brother Brody Neill.

We want to tell you all what we did last weekend.

We went all the way to Tallahassee, Florida to walk with our cousin, Camdyn Joy Crooks

in the Down Syndrome Awareness Buddy Walk.

We think it’s so important for everyone to know how many people’s lives our Camdyn

has already touched in the four years she has been with us.

She is such a beautiful part of our family.

We have decided that in order to help spread Down Syndrome Awareness with all of you,

we are donating these two books to the St. Anastasia School Library.

They’re about a little boy named Noah with Down Syndrome.

We want all of you to know that everyone should always be treated kindly, and the same!

We hope that you will all read these books and think about what a blessing from God

every person on this earth is.”

“We thank you for helping us share how super proud we are of our cousin, Camdyn.”

How awesome are they?!

Brody and Logan, you may be super proud of Cammy, but we are super proud of you!!