St. Anastasia Library~ Bell, Book and Candle


These words have a mystical sound to them, don’t you think?  Yet, they are of tangible items!

   In fact, on our campus the library is located between the main building with the school bell and the church building with its bell chimes.  As far as candles go, it is a Catholic Church, so there are many different candles burning at all times.

The words bell, book and candle in combination are actually from the 8th century and were sometimes used by the Roman Catholic Church.

   Here in the library~ after the bell rings and as each library book is opened, it is my greatest desire that a small flame maybe no bigger than a candle’s, is lit in each and every student who passes through these doors, looks through these many books and leafs through their pages.

It happens to me every time I open one!


I hope it happens to you too!