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ST A LIVE is a 7th grade elective.

We meet as a class in the library on Tuesdays and Thursdays~ last period.

Students learn to write scripts, cull sources for information, work as a team and cover for each other when someone is out.

It takes a few weeks to get the hang of it, but the students soon learn to handle the camera, mixer and microphones, teleprompter and padcaster.

They learn when to be silly, and when to be serious.

It’s a great creative outlet that brings out the writers, the readers…  and of course, the hams!



Morning practice before the show airs!

Notice the Christmas background behind these two?

From green screen to Wow!

Our 8th graders are running the show now!  Well, almost.

‘Thankful for Life Thursday’ duo in the corner getting ready for their moment.

Our 8th grade crew hard at work.

Morning practice before the show starts!

Praying for the unborn with Mary!

This is going to be a ‘Twin’ segment!

More twins to follow!!

…more smiling faces to come.

* * *


“Those who wert, and art, and evermore shall be…”


><>  ~  <><

WOW!!  Have we got a lot to tell you!!

Our St. A. Live class has gotten some pretty cool equipment!

We’re still learning to use it all, but I’ll be posting some pics here soon!!


…and here they are!

Here’s a quick glimpse of the first few weeks… okay months, in use!

I like to call these two ‘The God Squad’

[remember…  never wear a green shirt!!!]

Months go by……  but we’re getting it!

Thanks to Mrs. Langel.  She’s our Tech Wizard.

Mrs. Langel has joined the St. A. Live team.

Thank goodness, because we’d all be lost without her!

There is soooo much to know and remember now with all this new equipment.

We went from a simple camera, computer and mixer to a full blown studio!

Wow!  Sooo much to know!!!

….and with all this new equipment we seem to be outgrowing our room already!

Notice how the furniture keeps getting moved around?

…and more walls are getting painted?

We need a bigger room, but check out those virtual backgrounds!

That’s the Fort Pierce inlet behind Dr. Hoeffner.

We can put any picture, or virtual background set into the show.

Mrs. Langel has even built some custom backgrounds just for St. A.

So cool!! 

She’s so talented, and I’m so glad she loves doing it.

We have a lot of fun working together.

Oh Wait-  let’s just go outside.  We can go outside now!

We’ve got a padcaster!!  Yay!!

Let the interviewing and opinion polls begin!!

Good job girls!!!

It all looks so civilized until you look down!

What’s with all the wires and legs, and feet!

We’re having fun and learning so much everyday.

That’s the important lesson.

><>  ~  <><

A year has come and gone!

We have a whole new crew in St. A. Live.

We’ve had to make some modifications to the room.

Can you see the plexiglass partitions between the anchors?

(Anchors are the two readers that write and deliver the script.)

[click to zoom]

There’s even one between the anchor and the teleprompter tech.

(that’s the person that scrolls the script for the anchors to read)

You can hardly even see the dividers.

Now they don’t have to wear their masks while reading.

Here’s a few pics of our new crew in class.

Here they are in the morning getting ready for that show.

Only a few weeks more and the quarter will be over.

That means a whole new crew!

That means starting over again…  here’s the first class for Qtr. 2.

Some are writing scripts, some are working on weather segments.

Others will be running the padcaster for special segments, and some doing sports reports.

Check out our weather wall!

I snagged these pics off the TV with my phone, so they’re quite grainy,

but aren’t they nice?

Nice virtual background for Fall!

Look what happens when the birthdays are announced!

Virtual confetti drops everywhere!

Thank you Mrs. Langel!!




Here’s a few pics of some past St A Live moments….

[it was so much simpler then]

st-a-live-admin st-a-live-book-fair-admin


Learning to transition


Setting volumes and fades


Our little production studio


Practice  Practice  Practice




3… 2…. 1…    and we’re live!!

st a live

Good Morning St. Anastasia!  

This is your Terrific Tuesday crew here to bring you today’s news and announcements…



Students recording some cool jazz moments for a band project!

Merry Christmas St. Anastasia!!

It’s Fall, Ya’ll!!


Another year has come and gone!  That means…  all new faces on St. A. Live.

Meet our new Principal and Vice Principal!

They’re the little ones!!

><>  Lent has begun  <><

5th grade reminds us of the reason for Rice Bowls.

Third grade explaining ‘Boxes of Joy’ Christmas project.

Ready, Set…  Silly faces!

Our new Net Team sharing info about the Saturday retreat for Middle School!

Book Fair week!!

It’s Harvest Fest time!  What?  A cow?  I don’t see a cow. 

Guess who was the first one back?

It’s Klutch the Met’s Mascot!!

[he’s such a reader!]

Back to School Baseball Bash






Archive Photos


Happy Easter Everyone! 

4th Qtr. and the Lenten Rice Bowls are in the house!

IT’S FEBRUARY ALREADY!  3rd Qtr. ~ can’t believe it!

January 2017

Catholic School’s Week!



MERRY CHRISTMAS from Administration!!!


Love our new fireplace backdrop!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


All my elves dropped their hats and ran out this morning!

Exams started ~ that’s the reason!


They’re back!!


… and being silly!


Wednesday’s team getting ready for their broadcast.



Cody’s not awake yet and quit touching your nose to the microphone Connor!



It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Day here at St. A.


Our campus is a Sea of Pink!  Our library too!

img_1928 img_1929 img_1930 img_1932

Puzzles & Books…  is there anything better?

img_1933 img_1934

Hey! They’re checking out the panda cam!

Awwwwww!!  Now back to St. A. Live…



img_1210 img_0255


Happy Birthday balloon barrage!
Happy Birthday balloon barrage!

St A Live show balloon drop

Click the balloon drop link above to see a silly practice run!

Remember…  I did say ‘hams’ earlier in the post!!

















 KLUTCH the Mets Mascot loves our library!

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